Pulsation dampening for piston and plunger pumps

Keeping calm under pressure

The use of resonators as pulsation dampening devices achieves an excellent dampening effect over a wide range of pressures and volumetric flow rates, effectively eliminating any potential damage to pump components. This is achieved as a result of pressure waves being reflected inside the resonator. Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik resonators are suitable for any pumping media, and with no moving parts, they are also maintenance-free.

Unique features

  • Manufactured by certified welding specialists to NORSOK standard
  • Approved by both DIN and ASME 
  • Horizontal or vertical installations
  • Ball-type whistle resonator residual pulsation +/- 3 %
  • Optional de-airing and de-watering systems
  • Assembly on support skirt or bracket support

Performance data

  • Pump speed: >100 1/min
  • Pressure range:  up to 500 bar
  • Pumping rate:  < 3000 l/min
  • Temperature:  -10 up to 200 °C
  • Our resonators are designed according to PED 97/23/EG and AD2000 standards.

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