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Pumps and Pump Units

The ideal solution for any enterprise

Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik's industrial pumps and pump units are a global success story thanks to three key features: reliability, strength, and superior quality. Our comprehensive product range includes pumps, drives, gears, and accessories. Together, they represent a pump unit that is both economical and efficient.

Adaptable application for multiple industries

What makes Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik pumps unique is their user-friendly design: they’re easy to maintain and offer complete flexibility; while the high manufacturing quality of the plunger and piston pumps make these units the optimal conduit for a broad spectrum of applications. "We're a market leader in this sector with good reason - our diverse range of solutions can be effortlessly adapted for all of the world's most important industries.

Key Advantages:

  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Complementary components
  • Rapid assembly
  • Ideal layout of connectors and mountings
  • Custom-designed cross-head ball joint means less wear

Our pumps and pump units:

Triplex Mud Pumps BT

Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik's heavy-duty triplex mud pumps are built for continuous operation.

Compact Mud Pumps BTC

Designed for intermittent use, Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik compact mud pumps are light and portable.

Well Service Pumps BT600HP

These compact high-capacity pumps are ideally suited to drilling fluids.

Well Intervention Pump PCL 80

Our new PCL 80 multipurpose triplex oilfield pump offers flexible operational alternatives.

High-Pressure Pumps HDP

The portfolio of Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik includes a new, innovative series of high-pressure pump systems.

Slurry Pumps SPL

Slurry pumps from Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik are the pumps of choice for conveying detergent, coal slurry, and mud-like substances