Geothermal industry

Going underground

Burning from the inside

Geothermal energy is cost-effective, reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. And since we live in an age where green energies are becoming ever more important, this is an industry that's sure to see expansion over the coming years. Pumps are a vital component in bringing geothermal power to the surface, and Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik is one of the leading suppliers of mud pumps and multipurpose pumps to the industry on a global scale. Our customers are based as far afield as Iceland, the United States, and China. We're bringing the world closer, one centigrade at a time.

Applications and products used by the geothermal energy industry:

Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik's range of mud pumps are designed specifically for vertical and horizontal drilling technology.

Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik's heavy-duty triplex mud pumps are built for continuous operation.