Detergent Industry

Keeping things clean

Scrubbing up nicely

Our customers are some of the world's largest manufacturers of laundry detergents, dishwashing solutions, soaps and home cleaning products. To keep their businesses moving, they need to constantly churn out slurry. The Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik slurry pump range was developed especially for the management of high viscosity- and solids-containing media, and is ideally suited to the conveying of detergents. 

Where products from Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik are used in the detergent industry:

Conveying of substances in detergent production - and everything stays clean

For more than 40 years, Schäfer Pumpen und Hydraulik has manufactured solids pumps for the world’s leading producers of detergents. In detergent production, intermediate products pose a particular challenge for the pumps, as they are highly viscous and extremely abrasive. In order to ensure a smooth production process, the substances must be siphoned. Here the perfect solution for all requirements are slurry pumps made by Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik. Our SPL pump was developed specifically for high-viscosity substances and liquids with solids fractions.

Our application and product used by the detergent industry:

Slurry pumps from Schäfer Pumpen & Hydraulik are the pumps of choice for conveying detergent, coal slurry, and mud-like substances